Why Linen sheets are the best for Hotels & Hospitals!

Have you ever given it a thought? How can a fabric have so many healthy properties that help you sleep comfortably? Nobody would have known that Linen is so healthy and very good for the body. It is a great bedding material that proves beneficial even while sleeping! The properties of the Linen fabric have got some inherent health benefits that enable sound sleep and also feel good to our body. 

Maybe, this is the reason why most of the hospitals constantly order this bedding material from their Hospital Linen Suppliers. Maintaining the patients’ health is of critical importance to the hospitals.

The benefits of Linen are not only restricted to the healthcare industry but also extends into the general households of the common man. Here is why Linens are regarded as one of the most user-friendly fabrics.

What is Linen?

Before we begin to explore the benefits of using Linen sheets for bedding, it would help a lot to know the basics first. Linen is a natural fiber that is extracted from the flax plant. Linens are known for their sturdy, durable property. They are sometimes preferred over Cotton fabrics as they are 30% stronger than the Cotton material. 

Even though the fiber is initially rough, it becomes soft for the skin over prolonged use. Most people prefer Linens because it lasts longer than any other natural fiber and is very durable. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

So, apart from all the strength, low maintenance, and other inherent benefits they provide, what makes them very friendly and a healthy alternative to other fabrics?

What makes Linens user-friendly?

Now to answer the question. The fiber obtained from the flax plant has essential properties that make Linen good for bedding purposes. Now let us dive deeper into their benefits.

1 – Bacteria and Allergy resistant

This is preferably the reason why Hospital Bedsheet Manufacturers mostly use Linens. Linens are 100% natural and their weave causes them to trap bacteria and dust. The sturdy fiber of the material does not allow for any particles to settle on it. Most people are allergic to dust and that can set off a ‘sneeze’ bomb! Linen sheets are the best to avoid such allergies to dust. Linen is hypoallergenic for that reason. They are also good for people with sensitive skin.

2 – Vitalize the flow of blood 

The way the fiber is weaved leaves certain lumps and breaks—on an atomic level—which acts as acupuncture for the body, subtly helping you relax. It is one of the reasons why you find most of the hotels using linens bought from the Hotel Linen Suppliers in Bangalore. This property of the fabric allows for a night of proper sleep.

3 – Very much breathable

The nature of the fiber and its loose weaving enables more air to pass through them. Combined with its capacity to regulate heat transfer, they ensure you are warm during the cold season and airy during the hot summer season. This property makes hotels buy from their Hotel Linen Supplier to provide cozy bedding for their customers. They absorb more moisture, thus keeping the sweat away! 

4 – Environment friendly!

To all those good hearts that worry about the ecosystem, flax plants do not need many pesticides and water resources to grow. This makes the linen eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

All the above reasons explored the benefits of Linen. Get the most of this natural fabric in your hotel and hospital bedding today!

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