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Our Prestige Collection of spring mattress comprises a wide variety of advanced inner-spring mattresses which are designed to be durable and supportive, while layers of cushioning provide enhanced comfort. Spring Mattress provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief by gently conforming to every body contour. The result is luxurious and pampering sleep for your guest.

Bonnel Spring / Pocketed Spring

The KKR linen manufacturer offers the best quality of products with best price to satisfy the customer needs. It has a wide range of collection and satisfied customers all around the world. It maintains the special quality as well as durability to process the mattress materials. Everyone needs a good mattress to sleep on. The characteristics for a good mattress are comfort and firmness or softness. It should be strong enough to support your body and soft enough to feel comfortable. Remember a good mattress will keep away any joint aches and pains or spinal problem. To purchase your mattress to choose within your budget, visit a good mattress shop in Chennai.

For those who are searching for a new mattress in Chennai, then walk in to our mattress showroom. The bed is the highlight of a homeвЂôs bedroom more often a mattress in made out of quality materials such as coir, spring and foam. Good quality coir, spring and foam going to make a mattress, soft and keep the people more comfortable. We also offer a warranty on the product. You can search our mattress dealers on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings and reviews. So contact our business team to get the best offers from us will always fulfill your best requirements.

We are one of the best hotel mattress suppliers in the city, offering soft and durable foam that is widely used in the industry. The most common type of bed used by the people is memory foam mattress. The cost of this mattress will be cheaper in our industry. It is available in a variety of shapes and colors. It becomes a popular choice of the people to select. If you want to get a good sleep whole night, then purchase this mattress. You have come to the right place to buy the mattress in our industry. We are one of the best mattress brand. Peoples who didn't get good sleep whole night are now our happy customers. Our size guides will help you to find the perfect mattress for your bedroom. The KKR linen manufacturer invites you to join and feel the experience of the best mattress. Your search to buy a mattress should be worthier than the money.