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KKR linen and Fabrics - textile division is promoted in 2000 as an manufactured company. Since then, by its dedicated efforts it has become one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of hotel and hospital linens ranging from all sizes and quality in India. Our company is managed by young and enthusiastic executives. We are supplying all types of bed linen items and fabrics as per our customer requirements.

Manufacturing Facilities: The full fledged integrated factory is situated in Karur and Erode, Tamilnadu. Our facility provides right from grey to finished products. Our imported Suzler looms which cater all our customers grey fabric needs and every stitching carefully made with Juki textile machinaries in order to maintain quality and on time delivery to all over India.

We Have an exclusive Hotel Linens Showroom in Pondicherry can be a great business opportunity, considering the importance of quality linens in the hospitality industry. To make the most of our showroom, here are some suggestions:

Quality Products: Ensure that our linens are of high quality. Hotels look for durable and comfortable linens that can withstand frequent washing. Variety: Offer a diverse range of linens, including bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, towels, and more. Providing a variety allows you to cater to different hotel preferences and styles.

Customization: Consider offering customization options for hotel linens. Some hotels may want personalized or branded linens that match their decor and branding.

Create Sample Displays: We have all the hotel bed and bath linens with minimal stock for displays that showcase how the linens will look in a hotel room. This demonstration helps customers visualize the products and understand their quality.

Networking: Connect with local Pondichery-located hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. Attend industry events and build relationships with decision-makers who may be interested in our products.

Showroom Presence: Create a website or use social media platforms to showcase the linen products. Many businesses research Hotel Linens Supplier in Pondichery and make purchasing decisions online, so having a strong direct/physical presence is essential.

Delivery and Service: Ensure timely and reliable delivery services. Good customer service is crucial in building and maintaining a positive reputation in the industry.

We manufacture an Wide range of quality and luxury Bed linen, Bath linen, towels, Bed Sheets, mattress, pillows, and Hospital Linen products that are perfectly designed for the hospitality and hospital industry, located at Karur and we also to many leading hotel chains in The Maldives, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Africa & India

We KKR Linens & Fabrics are equipped with a production facility encompassed by several departments. For each phase, we run a separate department. We are proud to be a leading Hotel Linen manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers in India to build a worldwide business partnership that makes us a favorite market