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F&B linens, integral to the culinary experience, elevate dining aesthetics in banquets and events. Crafted with precision, these linens, including tablecloths and napkins, blend style with functionality. Quality textures and aesthetic designs transform banquet spaces into refined settings, enhancing the overall visual appeal. From minimal to vibrant patterns, F&B linens protect surfaces and serve as a canvas, setting the tone for a memorable dining experience.

Top Suppliers Of Banquet Chair Covers

It is quite human nature that people never remember the days; they have memories of the event associated with them. It is also an undeniable fact that every memory or event leaves something to be remembered by our mind and close to our soul. One such memory that lasts in everyone's memory is a marriage where two people come together to become one through a sacred bond. You want to make it special to those connected with this day and do your best, from decor to music. Banquet chair covers may sound unnecessary but remember that creating a beautiful arrangement will always make people fall in love at first sight.

It is rightly said that the beauty of any event gets enhanced if you have the right decor. Be it a party, wedding or corporate event; beautiful decor can change any event into an extraordinary level or fairytale. 

If the chosen banquet chair covers or seat covers are classy, lift up the entire setting of the event eventually. So, it is ideal that you select these things with the right colour and material.

How To Buy The Cover Material For Banquet Chairs?

Determine What Chair Are You Choosing For The Occasion:

Typically there are three types of chairs used at the marriage or party. They are banquet, Chiavari, and folding chairs. Banquet chairs are the most popular ones in the event planning industry. In the case of Chiavari, these are very popular and stylish on their own. However, a cap or chair slipcover from KKR Linens, one of the best hotel linen suppliers in Chennai, will make these chairs more optimal for weddings, receptions, and many more.

The folding chairs are more casual and ideal for an outdoor event. 


At first, all the chairs may look the same height and width, leading to purchasing the wrong chair cover. The same goes while selecting the banquet chair covers, as all do not fit every chair type. So, follow the three tips suggested below to prevent you from purchasing the wrong one.>

  • Calculate the overall height of the chair
  • Estimate the width and height of the chair from the back
  • Calculate the width and length of the seat alone

In the case of banquet chairs, consider calculating the top of the chair as they come in three different styles. 

Choosing The Right Chair Cover Material:

Once you have determined the type and calculated the measurement, it is time to move on to the chair cover material. So, there is a wide range of varieties in choosing the suitable material for your chair, which includes polyester, spandex, sequins, velvet, and vintage veil. These are the most popular chair covers, forming the perfect basement for any occasion. All these materials are durable and give a contemporary finish to the decor.

So, it is a great way to tie the event's theme and colour with chair covers! Avail of a wide range of stylish chair covers from KKR Linens, the best hotel linen manufacturers in India.


F&B Linens

F&B Linens