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What makes Hotel Linens sparkling white? —And why they use them!

As soon as someone steps inside their hotel room, the first thing that catches their eyes isn’t the intricate interior design of the room or the pastel color palette within the room. The primary reason why people check into hotels is sleep. Food only comes second to that, so it is the former we focus on the most.

What makes the bed welcoming for the customers? The clean, white linens they get from their Hotel Linen Suppliers in Chennai make all the difference. Every customer would definitely be curious as to how the hotel manages to maintain the bedsheets white! But most of them fail at mimicking the same standard at their home.

How do hotels maintain their bedsheets? What makes them white and clean? 

Bleach doesn’t always do the trick!

Hotel linens have high standards—not only regarding its cleanliness but, also maintain the color of bright, fresh white. It is not an easy job to clean those bedsheets especially when they are regularly soiled and stained by the customers who check in to the hotel.

The hotels carry out systematic cleaning of the bedsheets and they do not rely only on bleach to attain the desired cleanliness. If not, what makes their cleaning process special?

First of all, hotels depend on quality Hotel Bed Linen Suppliers India for the bedsheet. Then they put the bed sheets through an elaborate cleansing routine. But, like already established, they do not solely peg their hopes on bleach for sparkling white linen bed sheets.

Hotels make it the first priority to clean off the stains on the bedsheets. They simply do not put all the laundry into a washing machine and call it a day! Most hotels have advanced stain removing technology that makes the job easier for them.

Then, they draw a nice tub full of detergent, baking soda, and cold water—all at the optimal quantity—and soak the bedsheet for some time. Some hotels boil the linen to remove any germs and then wring the bedsheets. This is followed by washing the bedsheets thrice. First in detergent, then using fabric softener, and finally bleach for the bright color.

The comprehensive wash cycle does sound tedious but it is a fact that most of the hotels bank huge amounts on the latest cleaning technology that removes stain and quickens the wash cycle.

Why use cold water?

Coldwater is used to clean the linens except in the most extreme cases of heavy stain on the bedsheet. Generally, they avoid hot water as it tends to weaken the material and strength of the fiber. This would mean substantial bedsheet loss and eventually increased costs in acquiring new bedsheets.

The reason behind white linen sheets

It sounds puzzling why most of the hotels use white color for the hotel rooms when there is a clear chance of them being stained, dirtied, and soiled. Why not use dark colors and hide the stains? That is exactly the reason hotels use white linens from the best Hotel Linen Manufacturers in India

White sheets make it easy to judge whether it is clean or not. If there were patterns and designs set against a dark background, the imperfections would be hidden.

Another reason is the premium feel the white color gives to a hotel room. The white linens from the best Hotel Linen Supplier can really make the hotel room stand out and give a refreshing look to the customers.

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