Best Linen Bath Towels

How To Choose The Best Linen Bath Towels?

There is nothing better than your soft and comfy towels after a warm bath. Bathing makes people feel refreshed and a soft towel can add comfort to the experience. Everyone thinks that a bath towel can be of any type, texture, or material. But, choosing the right one that gives us additional coziness is always special. That is why we all love the hotel beddings which also include bath towels and robes. Many hoteliers purchase from the best hotel linen manufacturers in India for that extra comfort. However, linen towels are best for everyone because of their unique characteristics, unlike other fabrics. Thus, you need to know the ideal material that is suitable for you and lasts longer. Hence, in this post, let us look at how to choose the best linen bath towels so that you don’t regret your choice.


The foremost factor in choosing the right bath linen is the size. The hotel bed linen supplier India provides linen towels in various sizes as per the needs. But make sure that you buy bigger size bath towels for more convenience. Here are some suggestions for you to choose the linen towels in the right size:

  • Bath towel = 70cm x 150cm
  • Face towel 30cm x 30cm
  • Gym towel = 30cm x 90 cm
  • Hand towel = 40cm x 60cm

Thus, if you prefer more sustainable products then linen towels must be your choice.


The next thing to consider after size is the GSM which is grams per square metre. GSM refers to the weight of the linen fabric woven per square metre. According to the experts, the ideal GSM for the linen sheets is between 170 and 190. So, the higher the number of GSM, the thicker and lush the towel will be. Thus, always choose a towel with a higher GSM for higher durability. But while choosing a hand or gym linen towel it is better to choose with lower GSM. Thus, purchase from the hotel linen suppliers in Chennai for highly durable and biodegradable towels.


Thirdly, you can choose the appropriate linen towels by twisting them. It is because the twist will tell you how absorbent and thick your bath towel is. So, if it is easy to twist a towel, then it falls under the zero-twist or low-twist category. It means the linen towel is thicker and absorbent enough. A higher twist in the linen towel has less absorbent capacity but is more durable. Thus, while choosing a linen towel try to practically apply this method to find the right towel. Most of the health sectors use low-twist towels because of their high absorption. Hence, many healthcares approach the hospital bedsheet manufacturers and purchase linens in bulk quantities for their clinical purposes.

Hence, these are the major things to consider before purchasing a linen bath towel. Therefore, for quality and standard linen products contact KKR linens – the best hotel and hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore.

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