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NICO BedSheet

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NICO - BedSheet
Available 20’s count,40’s count, 60’s count
THREAD COUNTS 100TC,200TC, 300TC, 400TC,500TC.
SIZES Single, Double, Queen, King and Super king.
PATTERN Percale,Plain satin and Satin Stripe.
Description Pretty and appealing, this white coloured bed sheet set will certainly enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom interior. Made from 100% cotton, which is light in weight and easy to clean. Products available in plain,Satin plain, satin stripe,percale ranging from 200TC to 500 TC of 40’s count.

Best Hospital Linen Suppliers

KKR Linen & Fabrics is One of the leading Hospital Bedsheet Suppliers In Bangalore. The Textile company was started in the year 2000, and with ceaseless hard work, our Textile manufacturing company came up to a good position just with our Young and Enthusiastic executives.

The factory is located in Erode and Karur and is distributing the pure linen products to the needed textiles as per customers across India. With our Skilled Team members, Our company had excellent growth from the beginning until now.

The employees in the company were completely dedicated to the work they do and will finish the products within the time as per the requirement of the customer. The factory has many facilities from machines to employees comforts, so that the work will be done with real passion and completed accurately within the right time.

We Manufacture & Supply Variety of Products

KKR Linen is not alone the best Hospital Linen Suppliers. We produce a wide range of products that are not only limit to the hospital industry. KKR Linens is also a Hotel Linen Supplier with an aim to manufacture quality products that conform to the client’s expectations. Our Products: Bedsheets, Bed Runner, Cushion, Pillow, Towels, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Mattress, Bath linens, etc. KKR Linens supply these products all to Hospitals, Hotels, Apartments, and also for many Luxury Motels with an experienced supply team. We supply our products directly to the customers inside and outside the cities in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The products can also be pre-ordered, we here also stitch the designs as per the customer’s order. KKR Linen conducts many quality tests to ensure the purity linen (3 control tests to ensure the quality of the products including skin-friendliness, durability, Soft finish, Shrinkage control, etc). Our Products meet the customers as per their expectations without any inaccuracy.

Our Employees are Smart as Our Machines

100% Linen Fabric products are manufactured & supplied here with an Experienced Team from manufacturing, examining the quality of the products to supplying the products. With 100 sewing Machines for stitching, Our company is ready to stitch multiple products within less time, 40 imported Nos full Sulzer looms also play an important role in completing the products as per the clients at the right time.

Employees spend more time inspecting the quality of the finished products. After a dedicated inspection, the modern packing machine will pack as per the customer ( Small order, Bulk orders ) needs. The company supplies the products directly to the customers so that there won’t be a third person to keep a separate cost for the products they supply. The products meet High-quality and also cost-efficient in the market. This commitment to quality and good customer service has put us in the ranks of the best Hospital Bedsheet Manufacturers.

Why Linens are perfect for hospitals?

Linens have a natural capacity to resist bacteria and therefore, it is a perfect material for hospitals to control the spread of pathogens within the hospital. We completely assure the well-being of the patients with our linens since it is very soft on the skin and does not cause any rashes or allergies. It not only benefits the patients but also the hospital staff because they can be cleaned with less effort and can quickly be rotated back into the cycle. Therefore, the management will save ample time in cleaning the linens. Hence, KKR Linens take all the efforts to bring our clients the best quality possible. We are able to achieve it every single time and this consistency has earned us the reputation of being one of the best Hospital Linen Suppliers.

Why is KKR Linen the Best Linen Manufacturer?

KKR linen uses only pure linen fabric and excludes the low-quality material before it reaches the employees. After the stitching work, if the finished products aren’t well-finished, then it is again stitched to its perfection ( Separate team for inspecting the finished products ).

KKR linen is one of the best linen manufacturers. Even after years, we are still one of the Top Hospital Bedsheet Manufacturers in Bangalore. Our focus is to supply products for hospitals and make the Patients feel comfortable and forget the treatment tension.