Linen Better Than Cotton Fabric

How Is Linen Better Than Cotton Fabric?

When you decide to give a new look to the house, what fabric would you choose? Linen or cotton? Confusing, right?. Because both the materials are an excellent choice for the interiors and have their unique properties. Linen is produced naturally from the plant named “flax.” These fabrics have high durability and sustainability to withstand any extreme weather conditions. Hence, many hotel linen supplier provide linens to their clients for comfortable sleeping. Cotton is also produced naturally from plants that have seed pots. These cotton are ball-shaped inside the seed pots and grown in warm climatic conditions. However, there are certain factors to determine the best quality fabric. Hence, in this post, let us see how linen is better than cotton.


Linens are the commonly used fabric in bedding over cotton. Linen has the temperature regulation qualities which help you to have good quality sleep. This linen will make you feel warm during cold nights and cool on warm nights. However, cotton is also considered a good quality fabric for bedding as well. But the only disadvantage of using cotton is they are prone to shrinking. Hence, if you are looking for high-standard bedding for your hotel, it is ideal to choose linen over cotton, and you can purchase them with the best hotel linen suppliers in Chennai.

Table cloth:

Another prime benefit of using linen is it is an excellent and beautiful fabric for table settings. The table linens are under the threat of stains, hand spills, and regular washing. So, it is essential to invest in fabric that is good in quality and does not wear off. Linens have good resistance to stains and are easily removed. Cotton is also used as a table setting, but the soil remains for a longer time. The shade of the cotton cloth fades off in every wash and its attraction. Hence, it is an ideal solution to choose linen over cotton for table settings. That is why linens are used commonly in hospitals because they reveal bleeding from a patient much faster, and hospital linen suppliers provide high-quality linen for healthcare centers.

Kitchen cloth:

Cotton as a kitchen towel is used in many households because they are good at absorbing. The problem with cotton towels is that it takes time to dry and is not a durable fabric. Hence, you need to change the kitchen towel for every use. Linen, on the other hand, is a good choice for kitchen purposes and an excellent absorbent. Linen fabric dries up much faster and prevents the smell in the cloth through its antimicrobial features. Hence, linens are more durable than cotton and last for a long time.

Therefore, hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore supply linen to their clients for making scrubs and lab coats. Hence, linens are found in every place because of their outstanding properties.

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