Why Do Hotels Prefer Linen Bedding Over Other Fabrics?

Who doesn’t love to have fine bedding for a comfortable sleep?  Linens are very comfortable and will increase the quality of sleep. It also gives an appealing aesthetic look to your bedroom. It is this reason why many hoteliers prefer linen bedding over other fabrics. Many hotel linen suppliers in Chennai say that the choice of bedding reflects one’s personality and sense of style. Then, linen indeed is the styling statement when it comes to hotel interiors. Around 40% of Americans use fresh linen for hot summer and cotton fabrics for the fall and winter. Even though linen is one of the oldest materials it still stands the test of time. So, linens will never be outdated because of their numerous benefits, from easy maintenance to health. Hence, in this post, let us see why hotels prefer linen bedding over other fabrics.


The foremost reason why hoteliers choose linen over the other fabric is their looks. Hotel linen manufacturers in India feel that linens are the practical choice because you need not worry about ironing. Naturally wrinkled and neutral shades linens are known for their authentic look of fine bedding. Hence, linens are an excellent choice for bedding from bed sheets, duvets, pillows, and many more. It is the top choice in many hotels and rental vacation homes because it softens over time. Hence, the luxury look of the linen is one of the reasons that many hotels choose them over other materials.


Despite being impressive, it is a natural product and good, especially for sensitive skins. Linen is obtained from the plant named flax and involves more manufacturing processes to fabricate. Hence, it is an organic product with mild-resistant, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial properties. It can absorb moisture more than 20% of its weight. Therefore, it makes a suitable option for people who have allergies and dermatological problems. Linens have an anti-static property that helps the skin to retain its pH balance. So, linens are best for hospitals to improve overall health by approaching the best linen hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore.


Thirdly, linens are easy to maintain, and stains can be removed without much effort. In hotels and hospitals, you can never prevent the bedding from getting stained. Hospital bedsheet manufacturers say that linen being an organic material, can repel the dirt to some extent. However, stubborn stains like oil, blood, and nail polish needed some extra attention. Therefore, wash the linen with mild liquid detergents on the stained area and rest them for 15 minutes before washing them. Hence, if maintained properly, you can use linen twice its lifespan than investing in synthetic fabrics.

With many bedspreads available today, it is hard to choose the right one. However, linen is the perfect fabric for your bed that is incredibly soft and more durable than cotton. 

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