Soft Linen Sheets And Covers

Various Ways To Soften Linen Sheets And Covers

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear linens? Softness and comfort. But do you know when you buy linens for the first time they are stiff and inflexible. It is because linens are obtained from the bast fibers. Bast fibers refer to the raw fiber strands collected from the stem of the plants. Thus, linens are the pure form of the bast fibers obtained from the stalks and stems of flax plants. So, initially, you will find linens very rigid and softened over time. The hotel bed linen suppliers India uses various ways to soften linen sheets and covers. However, the linen manufacturers pre-soften the sheets before turning the fibers into clothes, bedding essentials, and other products. But if you don’t feel comfortable about the fabric even after the pre-softening method, try the following ways to make them softer.

Using baking soda:

The primary way to soften your linen bedding is by using baking soda. We all have this ingredient in our kitchen all the time. Do you know what makes the linen soften over time? It is their moisture absorption property that makes them lose stiffness. So, each time you wash your linens, it becomes more smooth. But to make your linens soft, make use of baking soda, one of the best fabric softeners in the industry. 

Baking soda does not make the rinse water alkaline and acidic. Thus this property of baking soda balances the pH level in the water and retains the detergent minerals from depositing on the sheets. So, listed are the ways to include baking soda in your washing.

  • You can mix your regular washing powder with half a cup of baking soda in your washing machine and give them a rinse.
  • If you are washing by hand, soak the linen sheets in a cold or warm water bucket mixed with one cup of baking soda. The more you add the ingredient, the stronger the softening effect. You can even soak them overnight and rinse them in the morning. Many hotel linen suppliers in Bangalore include baking soda to smoothen the fabric before manufacturing them to the hoteliers.

Using white vinegar:

Another simple and yet working solution to smoothen the linen sheets and covers are by using white vinegar. White vinegar is also one of the fabric softeners primarily used in the healthcare industry to soften the sheets. Hospital linen suppliers mainly use white vinegar to soften the linen sheets because of their antimicrobial properties. Not only that, but vinegar is also used in treating ear infections, nail fungus, and warts. So, vinegar is the ideal fabric softener with so many medical properties to your linens.

  • You can use white vinegar in the place of a chemical softener by mixing water and vinegar in equal amounts. Similarly, you can pre-rinse your sheets with pure vinegar and then continue to wash in the machine by using detergents.
  • You can even soak the linens in the vinegar solution overnight and wash them with regular washing powder in the morning.

Hence, use the suggested ways to make the linen sheets and covers softer. Thus, approach the KKR Linens – the best hotel and hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore for quality and softer linen beddings.

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