Linen Sheets Good for Hot Sleepers

Are Linen Sheets Good For Hot Sleepers?

Have you ever heard of hot sleepers? Someone who feels hot at night and finds it hard to sleep. They wake up many times, sweat a lot, and feel uncomfortable. If this prevails for a longer time then it can lead to insomnia which affects the well-being and physical health. Thus, the hot sleepers tend to turn on A/C or change the mattress as a solution. But they don’t seem to find any answer. However, changing the fabric of the beddings is a simple solution that works! That is why hotel bed linen suppliers India suggest hoteliers use linens for higher customer satisfaction. Bedding sets and bedsheets play a vital role in the quality of sheets. You may ask, are linen sheets good for hot sleepers? Yes, they are. The right bedding can improve your sleep quality by keeping you cool at night. So, in this post, let us see what makes these linen sheets the perfect option for hot sleepers.

Linen – the best cooling sheets:

It is hard to believe that linens are the best cooling compared to other fabric sheets. For example, if your bedding is made of flannel, acrylic, or tartan, the thickness of these sheets makes the hot sleeper uncomfortable. These are not breathable, don’t absorb the moisture, or release the heat. Then your solution for comfortable sleep is changing the fabric of your bed sheets. So, if you are looking to invest in quality sheets then linen will be your ideal solution. These sheets are not thick or hard as other sheets and are made from 100% natural flax fiber which makes them more breathable and light.You can say a sheet as a cooling sheet only when it exhibits properties like moisture absorption, temperature regulation, and breathability. We can look into these properties separately in the following sections.

Temperature regulating property:

Another prime factor that makes the linens stand out from other fabrics is their unique temperature regulating property. This property allows the sheets to adapt according to the different seasons. For example, linen keeps you cool during the hot and humid climate while during the colder season they keep you warm despite being cold outside. It is because linens do not retain moisture. Thus, due to this characteristic, linen sheets are highly preferred in healthcare. The hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore provide quality linen sheets for the clients because of their amazing properties.


You can say moisture absorption and breathability are interconnected. We would have come across the term breathable many times. The term refers to the fabric’s capability to transmit moisture vapor through it and this property is called moisture absorption. Linens are good at absorbing liquid, thick fluids like oil, and sweat. So, the absorption entirely depends on the weight and the weaving pattern of the material. Unlike other fabrics, linen has a unique weaving pattern that allows maximum airflow. Thus, due to continuous airflow and evaporation, linens are considered the ideal solution for hot sleepers. So, if you are a hot sleeper purchase the linen sheets from the hotel linen suppliers in Chennai to let the body heat and continuous air circulation.

Thus, linens can be known better as cooling sheets and come in various patterns and colors. KKR – Linens are the best hotel and hospital bedsheet manufacturers who provide quality linen products for a comfortable sleep.

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