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Why Do Many Prefer Linen Bedding?

Have you ever wondered why celebrities and 5-star hotels prefer linen bedding over others? It is because linen is widely considered as a luxurious fabric. Thus, many hoteliers purchase from the best hotel linen manufacturers in India for quality linen sheets.

This high-quality linen bedding is essential because of its appealing nature and numerous benefits. As you know, linen is the oldest fabric used by the ancient Egyptians primarily to preserve mummies. They considered linen a symbol of purity and wealth.

Hence, linens are valued because of their versatility despite being the oldest fabric. This versatility of linen has made it find its application in various industries. These are used in healthcare as well because of their naturally induced medicinal properties. Hence, in this post, listed below are some of the factors which say why many prefer linen bedding.


The foremost reason why many choose linen for bedding is because of its luxurious look. As per an old saying, “You eat with your eyes first,” it goes well for the linen fabrics too. The linen fabric impresses the audience with its amazing looks, like natural wrinkles and neutral shades. The naturally wrinkled texture can’t be found in any other fabric, which is one of its uniqueness. So, you need not worry about ironing the material, and the wrinkles give a different look to your bedding. Hence, to change your bedroom into a luxury suite, replace your regular sheets with linen from hotel linen suppliers in Chennai.


Another prime reason why many prefer linen bedding is its numerous health benefits. As linens are obtained from the cellulose of the flax plant, it doesn’t require any specific vegetation or climatic conditions. So, these are the purest form of fabric free from chemicals and fertilizers. Hence, these linens have a unique hypoallergenic property which is the best option for sensitive skins. Most patients have many visitors everyday. So, the chance of getting infected and bacterial growth is high in these cases. Thus, many hospitals use linen sheets for patients purchased from the best hospital bedsheet manufacturers in bulk quantities. So, the bacteria resistance and moisture absorbing properties protect them from parasites.


Thirdly, the linen sheets are more durable than any other fabric. From the time of the Egyptians till this modern world, linen has been in use and, one of the best examples for longevity. The reason for its long-lasting is that linens soften after each wash, which makes them fluffier and softer. Thus, linens are a long-term investment and it is worth buying them.

Hence, these are the primary reasons which make linen bedding the most essential one. You can purchase linen sheets from KKR linens who are well-known hotel and hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore.

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