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Different Types Of Linen Fabrics And Their Uses

Linen fabric is the predominately used material at hotels and homeware applications. It is similar to cotton and obtained from the stems of the flax plant.

Have you ever wondered how the bed covers and sheets are so soft and fluffy?. It is the fabric they use which makes it light and comfortable. Linen used in hotels comprises bath mats, cushions and covers, bedsheets, towels, robes, and many more.

The hotel linen suppliers in Chennai ensure their customers give linens with more comfort and luxury at home. The interesting part is that linen dries up quicker than cotton and reduces heat conduction in warm conditions. In this post, let’s see about various types of lines and their uses in different industries.

Damask linen:

The damask linen is known for its complicated and reversible patterns. Traditionally, damask fabric is made from cotton, silk, and wool but with the implementation of modern weaving methods, damask is fabricated in simple ways. The complex design is made on a jacquard loom similar to embroidery works. The hotel linen supplier provides damask linen for decorative purposes in curtains and rugs. 

Plain-woven linen:

It is referred to as “glass toweling” ‘because plain-woven linen is used for wiping glassware. The fabric is loosely weaved and making it the thinnest linen fabric. If you have noticed at hotel waiters before serving, the customer wipes the cutleries with a white cloth. It is this plain-woven linen that is used at hotels because of its excellent absorbing property. It is delicate and predominately used for cleaning purposes.

Loosely-woven linen:

It is similar to plain-woven linen. Instead of wiping purposes, they are used in making diapers and sanitary towels. They are obtained from hand-twisted yarns and weaved using modern weaving techniques. One of the varieties of loosely woven linen is bird’s eye linen and used for lightweight bathroom fabrics. The bird’s eye linen is mostly manufactured by hospital linen suppliers to healthcare due to its highly absorbent properties.

Sheeting linen:

It is the heaviest fabric in linen and is used for suits, dresses and linen clothing. The sheeting linen has a higher thread count than the other linen fabric and the quality of the fabric is unbeatable. You may ask- is the fabric suitable for every season?. Well, that is the magic of linen apparel. The main component in sheeting linen is the flax which is a natural insulator. Hence, they are capable of protecting you from extreme heat or cold.

The hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore, supply all the types of linen for hospitals and hotels with high texture and quality fabric. Hence, consider the tips suggested in the post to have the best linen for your home.

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