Is It An Ideal Options To Put Linen Sheets In A Dryer

Is It An Ideal Options To Put Linen Sheets In A Dryer?

Linen is well-known for its extraordinary sturdiness and durability, making it one of the highest-quality fabrics. Different fabrics need distinct care, especially those made of natural fibres like linen. Knowing how to wash and dry linen is crucial to ensure the longevity of your linen bedding, says KKR Linen, one of the best hotel linen manufacturers in India.

Caring for linen is relatively straightforward, but there are essential factors to remember to preserve its benefits. As a natural fabric, linen requires gentle care. Although washing with mild detergent and warm water is preferable, machine washing on a gentle cycle and at the proper water temperature is also the easiest and most effective way. However, using hot water can cause linen to shrink, so selecting an appropriate temperature is essential. Hence, in this blog, we will see whether putting linen sheets in a dryer is an ideal option.

Tumble Dryer:

When drying linen, many things, such as fabric quality, come into play. It is to be noted that not all linen items are the same, for example Belgian or French linen comes with separate care instructions which should be followed for longer spanlife. Therefore, always pay attention to the care label before you wash or dry the linen garment.

Linen, made of natural flax fibres, can shrink if not washed properly, and exposure to hot temperatures in a dryer can increase the risk of fabric damage. Factors such as pre-washing during manufacturing and the presence of other materials in the garment can also affect its reaction to heat. Higher-quality linen items are generally less sensitive to temperature changes than lower-quality ones.

However, if tumble-drying pre-washed linen garments is preferred, it’s essential to use the lowest possible temperature setting and remove the clothes while slightly damp by facilitating easy ironing. In case of shrinkage while tumble drying, lightly dampening the garment with a spray bottle of water and gently stretching it on all sides can help restore its original size.

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How To Dry Your Linen Sheets After Tumble Dryer:

Linen sheets can be air-dried outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight to preserve coloured linen. Alternatively, laying them on a clean surface is an option. Hanging linen sheets over a clean, dust-free door is another method. However, putting it in a dryer can be an option where it should be used at the lowest temperature setting. It’s advisable to remove the slightly damp sheets and allow them to dry completely by laying them out or hanging them. Hot iron steam can also expedite the drying process. Try our disposable bath towels for a better guest experience at your hotels.

Here Are Additional Tips For Drying Linen Fabric:

  • Air-drying (hang drying) is the best method.
  • If using a dryer, remove the linen clothes while slightly damp and let them finish drying naturally and the same goes with banquet chair covers.
  • Wash and dry oversized linen items individually to allow for free movement.
  • Linen fabric dries quickly, earning its reputation as the fastest-drying natural fabric. 

Hence, while air-drying is the preferred and safest method for drying linen clothes, responsibly using a dryer is also an option. Approach KKR Linen one of the best hotel linen suppliers in Chennai for quality linen products.

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