How to Choose Bath Towels That Last

It is hard to know which type of bath towel will meet our requirements with an endless option for towels with several characteristics that are available at our disposal. These tips and tricks from one of the leading Hotel Linen Suppliers in Chennai will help you a lot in making the right decision to buy the best bath towels for your hotel, PG, or service apartments. 

Go to any bath towel shop and the buyers will mostly be puzzled. This is quite common, confronted with towel piles, costs, and advertising claims in a broad range, it is a difficult pick one must agree! But worry not, the specialists at KKR Linens, one of the top Hotel Bed Linen Suppliers India help you give her some guidance.


Softer, thicker towels generally absorb extra, but then of course it requires a long time to dry, then thinner, lighter towels. Towels produced from Arab or Pima cotton are ultra-absorbent, quality cotton brand names and nonwoven towels have much more water as compared to cotton absorbed.


Towels in the shop almost always feel lighter than after a few rinses. Many other suppliers use super soft finish towels, but they are not as soft after a wash or three, say the leading Hotel Linen Suppliers. Rayon towels, including bamboo rays, are generally quite smooth. Pima or Egyptian cotton towels are also soft since their yarn is nice and supple and less susceptible to fluids. Liquid tissue supplants work but ends up leaving a film that reduces the absorption of a towel and tends to increase the flammability. Conversely, utilize dryer plates. The majority of towels are reduced and the heat is used accordingly. It is better if you have a humidity sensor in your dryer.


Two-ply towels are a little longer than a single towel. Cotton is more powerful than rayon. Towels are also sturdy – hence they are used by hotel rooms and fitness centers – but they are less permeable than cotton.

Some factors can help you decide the best bath towel. Realizing what they are and as to if you recognize bath towel choices can make a greater purchase of towels, especially if you are spending that little time and energy doing research. With every luck, you can find a high-quality bath towel to your budget and guidelines, and once you are packed into that flawless and absorbent towel after a shower, it will be good enough to justify 100 percent work and time to discover the perfect bath towel.

Towels may add a warm finish to a bathroom, so choose a stack with a fun accent or design. You can also store your arches in seasonal colors (e.g. bright, summer/spring beach colors, cooler colors in autumn/winter). Classy white towels, which look flawless and work with any style and environment, are the most classic option. Also, it’s important to maintain your towel after you buy it so that it gives the feeling of a new towel for longer.

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