What Makes Linens Sustainable?

People love products or materials that last for a longer time. It is called sustainability despite undergoing harsh or extreme physical factors. One such material loved by every hotelier and interior designer is linen. Yes, linen is one of the most versatile fabrics than any other fabric. For instance, consider the production of cotton fabric.  Cotton needs suitable climatic conditions, soil texture, seasonal harvesting, and many more. Whereas the linens are cultivated and harvested throughout the year irrespective of climatic changes. It is this reason why many hotel linen suppliers in Chennai prefer linen over other fabrics. Its availability has made the fabric one of the choices for bed linens, curtains, upholstery, and art canvases. Experts say that even US dollars use 25% of the linen in its production. Hence, linen is a step towards a sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Therefore, in this post, listed below are some factors that say what makes linens sustainable.

Rich history:

The foremost factor that corresponds to the sustainability of the fabric is it is older than other fabrics. Experts say that linen has been used in weaving since thousands of years ago, especially in Southeastern Europe. The findings implicate that the early humans used wild flax fiber to weave linen-like fabric to meet their requirements. Since then, linen has been used and gets better over time. The best part of the material is linen that lasts twelve times longer than cotton fabric. Hence, the demand for hotel linen manufacturers in India is high and continues to be the staple bedding fabric in many parts of the world.


Another prime factor that corresponds to the sustainability of the fabric is its versatility. Linen fabric, because of its lightweight design, is used by designers to design upholstery and industrial projects. Similarly, it is used as the canvas for oil paintings because of its durability and high strength. Linens remain the preferred surface for many painters because it can withstand the weight of the heavy hand and does not slack off like cotton. Hence, linen is the ideal solution that serves every purpose effectively.


Thirdly, linens are said to be sustainable because they can improve a person’s well-being. Linens have good temperature regulating and hypoallergenic properties. These fabrics are made from natural fibers and do not involve any pesticides and chemicals in their production. The temperature regulating property of the fabric retains the heat in the cold and vice versa. Similarly, their hypoallergenic properties don’t allow any bacteria and fungus to grow. Thus, it is an excellent material for sensitive skins. Hence, hospital bedsheet manufacturers provide linen for patients’ well-being in hospitals. 

Hence, linen stands out because of its incredible properties and benefits among the other fabrics. So, it’s high time to change your bedspreads and blankets from cotton to linen. You can always purchase them from brands like KKR linen for high-quality sheets and spreads. KKR linen is known as one of the best hospital bedsheet suppliers in Bangalore because of their high standard quality.

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