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How To Starch Linen Tablecloths?

Linen tablecloths are one of the most fascinating and aesthetic items that steal everyone’s attraction. You can find a wide range of collection tablecloths from hand-embroidered to machine works. Thus, this vintage fabric can add charm to any home and hotel. That is why many hoteliers approach the best hotel linen suppliers in Chennai because they are suitable for any occasion. Tablecloths are suitable for any formal or casual occasion, just by matching with linen accessories or freshly-cut flowers. Unlike linen clothes or bed sheets, wrinkled tablecloths don’t look good on your serving table. So, it is essential to take care of the linen tablecloths to have a perfect look. 

Although linens are known for their durability and versatility, it is important to preserve their qualities for the years to come. Starch is one of such elements that help linens retain their properties, and many don’t know how to starch linen tablecloths. So, in this post, listed are the tips to wash the linen tablecloths and then starch them. 

Tips to take care of linen:

The foremost thing in starch linen tablecloths is to wash them thoroughly. A linen tablecloth should be stain-free to look fabulous on your table. However, tablecloths tend to grease much faster than fabric because of their higher usability. So, you can wash linen either by machine or hand and most of the hotel linen suppliers in Bangalore use machines to wash their linens. Thus, if you are choosing the machine kindly make sure to follow the tips below,

  • Always read the care label instructions
  • Wash your linen only at 40°C/104°F
  • Don’t overcrowd the machine while washing linen tablecloths
  • Use bleach cautiously that too only for white linens
  • Hang it in an open space to dry naturally and never fold when the linen is damped
  • Never use a dryer while using 100% pure linen.

In case you are washing your linen by hands then use,

  • Mild detergent, softener, and lukewarm water are the best solution for your linen tablecloths.
  • Soak the greased tablecloths for a few hours before washing.
  • Wash the linen till the water gets clear
  • Again, hang the linen in an open space to dry naturally 

Starch your linen tablecloths:

The next step after washing your linen tablecloth is to starch them. So, you can make the starch solution on your own by following methods:

  • Dissolve one cup of starch powder in one cup of water. Then add 11/2 cup of hot water for more consistency.
  • Even you can even use cooked rice water on your linen tablecloths for more stiffness
  • Cornstarch recipe – You can even add cornstarch in place of starch powder to make your tablecloth crisper.
  • Potato/tapioca water – The water that you use to boil the potato or tapioca can be used to make the linen clothes or tablecloths wrinkle free
  • Cooked Cornstarch paste – Mix 250ml of cornflour in one tablespoon of cornflour and mix thoroughly. It is an excellent paste for fabrics to make them new as never before.

So, choose the appropriate methods suggested and spray it on the tablecloths before ironing. You can even add the starch or the paste in the last cycle or rinse while washing by machine or hands. This method lets the starch go deeper while ironing. The hotel linen manufacturers in India advise never to fold or store damped starched linens as they tend to attract various cloth bugsHowever, make sure to read the care label to know the amount of starch to be used.

Linen tablecloths are more durable and versatile fabrics than others because they can create a different look to the room. So, for the linen tablecloth approach, KKR linens – the best hotel and hospital bedsheet manufacturers for high-quality linen products.

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