Prevent Your Linen Sheets From Turning Yellow

How To Prevent Your Linen Sheets From Turning Yellow?

Many might feel that our bed sheets or pillow covers will be turning yellow over time. Are you wondering what causes it? The yellow stains on your sheets are because of sweat, skin-care products like body oil, lotions, and related substances. These may fade away the look, richness, and texture, especially if you use linens for your bedding. Linens are one of the most preferred bedding essentials by many common users and industries like hotels. It gives extreme comfort and a luxurious look to the living space. The hotel linen manufacturers in India are the best in offering linens to the hotels to meet their business needs.

However, you can prevent your linen sheets from yellowing by following the suggested methods. These tips are ideal for the yellowish stains that are caused naturally. Hence, let us walk through the effective ways to bring shine to your linen sheets.

Regular wash:

The foremost tip to make your linen sheets as new as before is to wash them regularly. It might sound like old school but has a logic behind it. The yellowish shade in your linen sheet is due to oils, lotion, creams, and sweat from your body. So, don’t wait till your sheet’s stains are visible or smell. You should follow the golden rule to wash the linens once or twice a week with regular detergent. 

Bleaching is another option that you can add to your regular washing. Some say that bleaching detergent can react to stains and make them stubborn. But the bleaching process is essential to give your linen sheets the lost shine. Similarly, try to follow the care label offered by the hotel bed linen suppliers India for effective cleaning. 

Homemade solution:

Another way to prevent your linen sheets from yellowing is by creating a homemade solution. Baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon work excellently on the yellowish shades.

Baking soda:

  • Mix a half cup of baking soda with the regular laundry detergent and run the machine at a minimum heat cycle. 
  • Baking soda works well by removing the dirt and the smell as well.

The hotel linen suppliers in Bangalore suggest using baking soda effective results.

White vinegar:

  • Secondly, you can use white vinegar to wash your linen sheets. So, pour a cup of white vinegar into a bucket filled with hot water and soak the linens.
  • After soaking them for some time, put them in the machine wash at a moderate heat of 114 degrees celsius. 

Lemon juice:

  • Extract the juice of one lemon and mix it with the regular detergent.
  • Use this solution to wash and let them dry in the open air.

These are the ways to prevent your linen sheets from turning yellow. KKR Linens, the best hotel and hospital bedsheet manufacturers, provide their customers with quality and standard products that are durable and comfortable.

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